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Jessica believes ALL students can thrive.

VOTE APRIL 4, 2023

Or vote early March 21-24 or 27-31



As a School Board Member, Jessica will continue to prioritize:

Working towards making the Wauwatosa School District a welcoming place where ALL students can thrive.

Creating data-driven policy that furthers the goals of the district’s 2022-2025 Strategic Plan.

Engaging in necessary and constructive conversations to increase transparency between students, educators, community members, and the district.


Jessica with several of her students at graduation


Over the past 16 years, Jessica has taught in classrooms at every level–from Preschool through 12th grade. Jessica started her career in elementary schools as a Special Education Instructional Assistant, later transitioning to the high school level where she worked as both a teacher and as a Transition Specialist.

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Strong public schools and a welcoming community were two of the main reasons why Jessica and her husband, Zack, decided to raise their two young sons in Wauwatosa. Right away after they moved, the couple got involved in the community.

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School Board Member

When Jessica applied for the vacant Wauwatosa School Board position in June 2022, she knew she had a valuable perspective to add.  On the Policy Committee, where she serves as chair, Jessica evaluates district policies and practices, ensuring that they are inclusive and equitable–improving outcomes for all students, while strengthening the district as a whole.

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We deserve to have someone who will speak for
those who are not always truly heard.

Jessica Willis knows the value of working collaboratively, and not in silos. She wants the Wauwatosa School District to be a place that honors and values all students and families, honors and values all staff. 

Jessica Willis knows the importance of giving voice to all stakeholders. And not just voice, but allowing that voice to make an impact. Wauwatosa School District has often stated that it values all students, families, and staff. Now we need action to make the vision a reality. We need and deserve someone who has an educational background and can understand the day to day issues; we deserve to have someone who will speak for those who are not always truly heard. We need Jessica Willis.

Tracy A. Carus

Elementary Instructional Coach

Wauwatosa School District

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