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Over the past 16 years, Jessica has taught in classrooms at every level–from Preschool through 12th grade. Jessica started her career in elementary schools as a Special Education Instructional Assistant, later transitioning to the high school level where she worked as both a teacher and as a Transition Specialist. In her role as a Transition Specialist, Jessica helped high school students with their Individual Education Plans, while also providing other resources for after high school. When her family moved to Wauwatosa, Jessica continued as a substitute teacher, working across elementary grades in the Wauwatosa School District. Jessica’s experience with students, parents, and teachers at all levels has provided her with a unique perspective while serving as a school board member, and she will continue to bring that perspective going forward.

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Strong public schools and a welcoming community were two of the main reasons why Jessica and her husband, Zack, decided to raise their two young sons in Wauwatosa. Right away after they moved, the couple got involved in the community, with her husband helping to coach 3 different sports, and Jessica volunteering as the soccer manager and getting involved as the Team Manager for the 5th grade Destination Imagination team at Jefferson. Jessica has been actively involved in the Jefferson community, where she is a founder and co-chair of the PTA’s first Welcoming Committee, and an active member of both the Principal Hiring Committee and the Equity Committee. Her commitment to equity and inclusion extends beyond Jefferson, and in her time on the School Board and with collaborations across elementary schools, Jessica has worked towards making the Wauwatosa School District a more welcoming place for all students.

School Board Member.

When Jessica applied for the vacant Wauwatosa School Board position in June 2022, she knew she had a valuable perspective to add. Since the unanimous approval of her appointment, Jessica has actively sought out opportunities to engage with community members, to attend conferences and trainings, and to use other resources to expand her understanding of public education and the district’s needs. As a Special Education Teacher, a Woman of Color, and a parent of young children, Jessica asks questions and raises concerns at board meetings that might not be mentioned otherwise. On the Policy Committee, where she serves as chair, Jessica evaluates district policies and practices, ensuring that they are inclusive and equitable–improving outcomes for all students, while strengthening the district as a whole.

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